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Equipment Categories
Plate Processing

Solvent Plate Processing

Plate processing is the second step in an overall workflow solution, which includes exposure, washout, drying, and finishing. This is accomplished with either an all-in-one unit or modular units designed for quality and processing efficiency.

Water Plate Processing

Water plate processing utilizes tap water and a mild detergent to remove the uncured plate material prior to a quick dry then light finishing. The steps are similar to our solvent processing but use water in place of washout chemistry.


Thermal Plate Processing

A thermally processed plate uses heat, pressure and a blotter material to remove the uncured polymers from the plate prior to light finishing. This technology uses no liquids during processing which eliminates the drying step.

digital imaging-esko

Digital Flexo

Provides powerful and easy-to-handle workflow automation for your flexo plate making department at a significant cost savings



digital finishing-kongsburg series

Digital Finishing

Our digital finishing solutions are the cornerstone to our pre-press and workflow expertise and include the latest imaging technology available.




Used Equipment

Our portfolio of used equipment is fully reconditioned, supported, installed, maintained by JVI and is ready for production at your facility.



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