We offer Sandon Global’s anilox rollers. Sandon’s “Award Winning” coating and engraving technology has raised the bar for quality, consistency, innovation, and value for all their core applications.


So who is Sandon Global? Watch to find out everything you need to know about our new anilox partner.

Sandon Global’s High Opacity White engraving (also known as HOW) was developed in partnership with a plate, ink and tape manufacturer. With the shared aim of delivering a rotary screen quality opaque white for narrow-web application.  In the meantime watch our 50 second video on the subject of HOW

  JVI Solutions is working with the folks at Sandon Global to bring you a 60º engraving (also known as Fluid HEX) that can be used by Narrow Web and Label printers for process and solid work on a broad range of substrates. Take 50 seconds to find out how 

In 40 seconds this video explains how the 75º Fluid UV anilox engraving minimizes “pin-holing” and ink “spitting” with improved release characteristics leading to “clean” print. Reducing doctor blade vibration due to smooth cell micro-finish Vibrant colours and extended lifespan on wear compared to conventional 60º engravings

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