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ImageSolv™ RI was created in 2000 and patented in 2001 to provide the flexo industry with the “FIRST” low odor, fast processing, stable chemistry that never needs balancing. It works will all flexo plates and is the safest, fastest, and easiest processing solution available in the market.


Tower Products, Inc. is a recognized industry leader in supplying printers with pressroom chemistry aimed at increasing worker safety and environmental compliance. Our partnership with Tower focuses on chemistries our flexo printers need and want.

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The RI line of distillation equipment from Recycling Equipment incorporates a small footprint, ease of operation and is available in either batch or continuous mode operations. Each product can manage as little as five gallons per batch – all the way up to a full drum per day depending on what is needed to ensure a clean stream of fresh solvent when needed.


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We offer the PV line of industrial distillation equipment from PRI, which is well suited for small, medium and large operations that need a steady flow of clean solvent integrated into the flexo platemaking operation.

All PV units are directly connected to the plate processor to ensure a closed loop system that works seamlessly with the needs of the processor.

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